How to respond to negative customer feedback

Improving customer experience is important for both business development and growth. Before you can improve customer experience, you have to understand what your customers want and how you can serve…

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NPS score and its strengths and weaknesses

When Reichheld introduced NPS®️ i.e. Net Promoter Score in Harvard Business Review in 2003, companies quickly adapted it either as an independent customer satisfaction metric or included the question to…

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NPS – what is it and why is it important?

Net Promoter Score, NPS®️, indicates the likelihood of customers recommending a company, product or service to their friends or colleagues. NPS is considered to be a highly effective and so…

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3 reasons why customer experience isn’t a passing trend

Customer experience measuring and management is the hot topic in service business. And rightfully so. Investing in customer experience has a major effect in customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and customer…

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Why negative feedback is positive

Very few of us can take in critique with a smile on their face. If we did that, we’d either be convinced that the person giving us feedback is wrong,…

Kati Päivärinta

Whom are public services for?

At times we should all pause at work and ask ourselves for whom are we doing this. Although our customer might concretely be close to our everyday work, it’s still…

Kati Päivärinta

Not as bad as commonly assumed

The conversation had in the media would have you believe that all public health care customers are very unsatisfied with the service quality. It is true that waiting periods are…

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