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Touchless Feedback

Feedback device that doesn’t require touch


When hygiene matters

Our latest product launch is Touchless Feedback, a feedback device that enables customers to rate their experience without touching the screen or any buttons on the device. Its sensors register the response as the customer holds their hand in front of the chosen response option. This enables hygienic responding which is highly advantageous in many environments e.g. hospitals or public bathrooms.


Use real-time feedback to ensure customer satisfaction

Finavia uses Touchless Feedback devices in the bathrooms of Helsinki Airport to ensure customer satisfaction. Customers can give feedback on the cleanliness without ever having to touch the device. Additionally, Touchless Feedback has a real-time feedback system that is programmed to automatically alert a cleaner after a certain amount of negative feedback.


Customized to your needs

– Survey can consist of multiple question pages, optimally 1-3
– Number of answer options can be 2-5
– Answer options can be numbers or icons, such as smiley faces
– Device panel can be customised to customer’s visual guidelines
– Survey content can be branded
– Device design can be customised to customer needs

The benefits of continuous, real-time customer experience measuring

Hygienic solution

Collect real-time customer experience data also in places where hygiene truly matters

Automated alerts

Ensure customer satisfaction with automated alerts to negative feedback

More responses

Feedback device collects significantly more feedback than any other method, providing a more accurate and comprehensive sampling.

Fresher and more accurate data

According to Gartner report, feedback collected at the moment of customer experience is 40% more accurate than that collected afterwards.

Roidu Touchless Feedback


Comparing different functions, dates, times and offices helps locate and fix problems quickly and implement best practices.

Continuous development

The effect of feedback-based changes can be measured instantly, which supports the process of continuous development.

Quick reacting

Problems can be reacted to immediately. Also, automated solutions can be used, such as calling in cleaning staff.

Customer satisfaction

Measuring customer experience helps increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Long-term trends

Continuous, long-time information collection helps follow and understand long-term trends.

Staff motivation

Customer feedback helps in committing, motivating and rewarding staff.

Touchless Feedback

Next generation feedback device