MyRoidu – the best survey and reporting tool

Prepare customer and employee satisfaction surveys easily and monitor results in real time through the comprehensive MyRoidu service.

The updated MyRoidu survey and reporting service offers everything you need – and a little extra

The MyRoidu service makes creating customer and employee surveys simple, enables easy device management and displays the collected data with clear graphs.

The new MyRoidu online service has a wide range of features that make analysing and utilising customer experience data as easy and quick as possible.

  • Send surveys via text message or email or publish them through feedback devices, websites and applications
  • Real-time results with clear graphs and indicators
  • Filter and compare results in a multitude of ways with only a few mouse clicks based on location, time period or other parameters
  • Reports on the desired time periods, devices, services or locations as PDF, Excel and PowerPoint files
  • Automatic email reports on the desired data at the chosen intervals
  • Create automated alerts on specific responses
  • Automated alarms can be ticketed to monitor their processing

MyRoidu reporting service

Easy-to-use reporting

Clear graphs present the CX data that can be effortlessly filtered according to the desired parameters, such as time period or location.

Comparability of CX data

Collected data can be easily compared based on location, department or other units of choice.

Publishing results

CX data can also be turned into automatically updated public reports for info screens or websites.

Automated alerts and ticketing

You can create automated alerts from predefined responses and they can be ticketed for monitoring their processing.

With these tools, you can measure customer satisfaction reliably and comprehensively

Feedback devices

Roidu’s feedback devices provide valuable information about customer satisfaction, business development needs and issues that require a quick response. Surveys are stylised to match your brand image to ensure that they always give a fresh and appealing impression. The visual and user-friendly surveys stand out and ensure high response rates. We also provide feedback devices with visually impressive branding.
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Email and text message surveys

You can also send surveys by email or text message. You can schedule your survey to be sent at a specific time or after a specific event. You can also embed the survey in a web page. It is possible to display survey results online in real time. Roidu’s interface also enables results to be included in delivered messages. The system sends the text messages automatically, which enables easy mass posting.
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A customer feedback device you don’t need to touch

Roidu Touchless Feedback is a customer satisfaction feedback device with which customers can rate their experience without touching the device at all. Its sensors register the feedback as the customer holds their hand in front of the chosen answer option. This enables measuring customer experience hygienically in any environment without the need to touch the device.
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MyRoidu survey tool

Experience data can be enriched by integrating it into the organisation’s own indicator solutions or systems (e.g. BI tools). By using an interface to combine the data gained from a customer or staff survey with other data sources, you can analyse the connections between the customer experience, sales hit rate and customer volumes, for example. We have also provided our customers with integrations that combine a CRM system and survey distribution. This enables you to select specific touchpoints where a survey is triggered automatically and sent to customers.
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