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Customer insight

Read about our satisfied customers’ experiences in using Roidu feedback devices and our expertise in customer experience measuring and the efficient and systematic utilization of customer feedback in organizational development.

Masku mittaa asiakaskokemusta Roidun palautelaitteilla


Salesperson specific NPS measuring - an innovative way to measure customer experience

“I had a clear vision of what efficient sales management requires. Mere smiley faces didn’t provide good enough data.”



When the smiley faces aren't enough

“There is a thought deep-rooted in the company culture that every feedback, especially a critical one, is a possibility for improvement.”

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City of Tampere

Customer satisfaction as a part of city's service development

With Roidu’s help, the people of Tampere were permanently included in the planning, execution and evaluation of public services.

asiakastarinat, finavia, helsinki airport, asiakaskokemus, customer experience


Award-winning Helsinki Airport rely on customer experience data

Roidu’s expertise help Finavia collect plenty of valuable experience data for the future development of Helsinki Airport.

HammasPiste Tampere


Why not fall in love with your dentist?

HammasPiste at Tampere has the most satisfied dental patients in the whole country.