Measuring work wellbeing

By continuously measuring work well-being, you gain accurate information about employee satisfaction, developmental needs in the workplace, and management activities. Measuring work well-being improves employee satisfaction and loyalty in addition to increasing work productivity and business profitability.

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Convenient turnkey solution for measuring work well-being

By continuously measuring work well-being in real-time, you can improve staff satisfaction and loyalty, promote a positive employer image and increase work productivity and business profitability.

Agile surveys show the staff that they are valued and that their opinions matter. At the same time, the surveys improve work well-being, develop employee expertise, extend careers, decrease sick leave frequency and increase productivity.

Roidu’s turnkey service includes:

  • An appealing and user-friendly survey that can be branded according to customer’s visual guidelines.
  • Survey specification work that ensures relevant results that can be easily utilised.
  • Versatile real-time online reporting service and email reports that display the relevant user-specific information in clear graphs and indicators.
  • A personal contact person and friendly support service via phone and email on weekdays from 8.30 am to 5 pm.

Multi-channelled measurement of work well-being

The smartest way to publish work well-being surveys is via a link that is opened in a browser. This enables attaching background information to the responses without having to ask for it from the respondents. The links can be send via email or text message. That said, it is sometimes necessary to collect feedback in other ways as well, which is why Roidu offers multi-channelled solutions for measuring work well-being. This enables collecting feedback using various methods but having all the results in the same reporting service.

Roidu’s work well-being survey can be published

  • on a computer or smartphone through a link sent via email or text message, for example,
  • as part of a website,
  • on a smartphone after reading a QR -code, and
  • in an application or program (e.g. intranet).
  • An anonymous quick feedback survey can also be published on a feedback device.

Efficient use of work well-being data

The successful measurement of work well-being starts with the staff being able to give feedback as effortlessly as possible and trust that their opinion carries weight in operational development. Roidu’s experts will help you plan the right kind of survey and indicators, thus ensuring that the feedback can be utilised as efficiently as possible.

Collecting feedback is only the first step. Transforming employee feedback into well-being is the key. Measuring work well-being continuously and frequently enables defining goals, monitoring changes and measuring results across the entire organisation. This is how you help the entire staff reach their full potential.

It is essential to integrate work well-being data into business development and decision-making and to engage the entire staff in developing their own activities in their specific areas of responsibility. This is the only way to reach all the benefits of measuring work well-being. Roidu’s reporting service facilitates the utilisation of the data by offering a user-specific reporting view for each level of the organisation and reports according to information needs.

Roidu’s services for multi-channel measurement

Feedback devices

Roidu’s feedback devices provide valuable information about customer satisfaction, business development needs and issues that require a quick response. Surveys are stylised to match your brand image to ensure that they always give a fresh and appealing impression. The visual and user-friendly surveys stand out and ensure high response rates. We also provide feedback devices with visually impressive branding.
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Email and text message surveys

You can also send surveys by email or text message. You can schedule your survey to be sent at a specific time or after a specific event. You can also embed the survey in a web page. It is possible to display survey results online in real time. Roidu’s interface also enables results to be included in delivered messages. The system sends the text messages automatically, which enables easy mass posting.
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A customer feedback device you don’t need to touch

Roidu Touchless Feedback is a customer satisfaction feedback device with which customers can rate their experience without touching the device at all. Its sensors register the feedback as the customer holds their hand in front of the chosen answer option. This enables measuring customer experience hygienically in any environment without the need to touch the device.
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MyRoidu survey tool

Experience data can be enriched by integrating it into the organisation’s own indicator solutions or systems (e.g. BI tools). By using an interface to combine the data gained from a customer or staff survey with other data sources, you can analyse the connections between the customer experience, sales hit rate and customer volumes, for example. We have also provided our customers with integrations that combine a CRM system and survey distribution. This enables you to select specific touchpoints where a survey is triggered automatically and sent to customers.
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