Roidu as a company

Roidu Ltd provides technical solutions that can be used to measure and analyse the customer experience and develop the operations of organisation in the private and public sector. Roidu is a fast-growing software company that has a strong position in the Finnish market for measuring customer satisfaction.

At Roidu, we aim for an open and warm work environment where everyone has a chance to evolve and influence their work. We help each other, enjoy each other’s company and truly care for each other. Coming to work is always fun.

The story of Roidu

From a single question to a pioneer of customer experience measurement

The story of Roidu started with the passion of two men to help organisations take full advantage of their customer feedback. Since then, Roidu has grown into an innovative expert of data collection, customer experience measuring and reporting. The solutions combining Finnish design and technology have also taken Roidu to international markets.

Roidu solved a problem

Ten years ago, customer satisfaction was mainly measured by means of paper forms or extensive surveys every one or two years. There was no easy and quick way to leave targeted customer feedback. The negative feedback given at a health centre, for example, could be the result of a number of things: a long waiting period, a full parking lot or a poor encounter with the doctor. Because feedback was not targeted on a service-specific basis, improvements were nearly impossible.

The founders of Roidu, Arttu Viitanen and Antti Niinikoski, paid attention to the methods companies were using to collect customer feedback. They investigated companies experiences asking if the information provided by surveys was really useful. They quickly found out that surveys fell short in a variety of ways. The results of infrequent extensive surveys are nothing more than snapshots of certain time periods, with an extra hurdle of taking up the customer’s time. There was an obvious need for continuous, real-time feedback collection.

The first tablet computers were introduced in 2010. The device innovation enabled unprecedented communication solutions for companies to explore, and Roidu was among the first to introduce tablet-based feedback surveys to public spaces. Tablets were installed on floor and table stands, so that feedback could be collected in actual customer environments. The software and stands have been developed over the years based on new innovations and the needs of customer companies.

Precise data about satisfaction

From the start, it was clear to Arttu and Antti that their customers should always get an individually tailored service to ensure the greatest possible benefit. As such, Roidu offers tailored services and implements surveys and data collection according customer needs. Roidu creates surveys to be visually appealing and quick and easy to use, always reflecting the customer wishes and visual guidelines.

Despite Roidu since releasing various other solutions to complement the feedback devices, they are still the important channel for ensuring high-quality feedback and extensive sampling in the physical touchpoints. Roidu’s values, customer-centric approach, expertise, continuous development and responsibility and caring still provide a strong foundation for everything the company does.

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