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We offer solutions for measuring customer and patient experience and for capturing leads. We also rent and sell tablet stands.

Solutions for measuring customer and patient experience

By measuring customer experience, you’ll get valuable information about customer satisfaction, business development targets and problems requiring quick reacting.  By managing customer experience, you’ll increase customer loyalty and sales. Roidu’s carefree turnkey solutions make customer experience measuring easy and effortless and you can concentrate on managing it.

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Solutions for lead capture and other services

Tablet stands can be used in stores, fairs and other events to share or collect information and capture leads. Tablet stands can be bought or they can be leased with a tablet device. In addition, we can publish interesting content on the tablet devices, such as games, lotteries and competitions for lead capture.

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Tablet stand rental

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Katja Rantakeisu

Account manager

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“I’m an expert in measuring customer and employee experience. I’ll help you in everything from planning to results consulting in an easygoing, yet professional manner. Contact me and we’ll find the most suitable solution for you!”