Sales meeting follow-up

Sales meeting follow-up is a tool for sales management. It helps boost sales, tackle sales challenges by identifying individual development targets, increase customer satisfaction and help the sales team succeed.

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Successful deals and better customer service with real-time data

Sales meeting follow-up is a tool for sales management to boost sales and develop business solutions by means of reliable real-time data. Follow-up gives a realistic and consistent understanding of sales challenges, activities and fluency. The evaluation tool also provides an opportunity to correct the course with the customer and seal the deal successfully.

The follow-up consists of two parts: the sales person fills in a self-evaluation after the sales meeting and adds the customer’s phone number at the end. This will automatically send a survey to the customer for responding. The purpose of the self-evaluation is not only to develop sales person’s sales skills and learn to realistically evaluate their performance, but also to indicate their expertise and preparedness to the sales management. The customer, in turn, gets an opportunity to share their experience and indicate whether or not the offered solution meets the expectations.

The same solution can also be used to evaluate customer visits. For example, the TE Office of Pirkanmaa uses our solution to assess their experts’ visits with client companies.

Roidu’s turnkey service includes:

  • Attractive user-friendly surveys for self-evaluation and measuring customer experience.
  • A versatile real-time online reporting service and email reports that display the relevant information in clear graphs and indicators.
  • Friendly customer service via phone and email during work days from 8.30 am to 5 pm.

Roidu’s services for multi-channel measurement

Text analysis and connection to the Power BI tool

Do you know what your customer feedback mostly concerns? A keyword list is automatically created based on the text feedback. A keyword cloud is used to illustrate the topics or words that come up most frequently in the feedback. Do you know the attitude reflected by the open feedback you receive? An AI algorithm automatically classifies free text feedback as positive, negative or neutral.
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Email and text message surveys

You can also send surveys by email or text message. You can schedule your survey to be sent at a specific time or after a specific event. You can also embed the survey in a web page. It is possible to display survey results online in real time. Roidu’s interface also enables results to be included in delivered messages. The system sends the text messages automatically, which enables easy mass posting.
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MyRoidu survey tool

Experience data can be enriched by integrating it into the organisation’s own indicator solutions or systems (e.g. BI tools). By using an interface to combine the data gained from a customer or staff survey with other data sources, you can analyse the connections between the customer experience, sales hit rate and customer volumes, for example. We have also provided our customers with integrations that combine a CRM system and survey distribution. This enables you to select specific touchpoints where a survey is triggered automatically and sent to customers.
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