Mika Hyvönen appointed as the new CEO of Roidu for speeding up growth


Mika Hyvönen has started in September 2022 as a new CEO in Roidu Oy. Mika´s previous, strong background in sales, digital marketing and business leadership are a good fit with Roidu´s growth plans. Roidu is well-known for its multichannel measuring of customer experience and employee experience. Confidence in Roidu´s growth potential and business development got Mika excited about the position: “Customer and employee experience are very current themes, concentrating on those two will keep company´s growth and development on strong track and feeling of security in ever hardening competition over customers and employees. To backup decision making business management teams need editable experience data reporting and metrics that will help leading with information and making decisions based on facts.”

Roidu, a Finnish software company, has developed over past 15 years the best set of tools in the market to lead customer and employee experience that bring customer experience to whole new level and develop employer brand in order to wake interest among potential new recruits. Roidu´s offering can be tailored and easily implemented as part of customer and employee experience´s total solution.

In addition to growth Mika sees employee satisfaction as a very important theme: “Employee experience will help lift company´s customer experience to whole new level and develop employee experience. Here at Roidu we are investing in employee experience and wellbeing. Our caring and customer centric attitude will get our customers to trust us.”

We wish congratulations and lots of success in his new position!