Lead capture with tablet devices

Capture leads electronically at fairs, events or stores. Collecting contact information or offer requests of potential customers or retailers is easy and entertaining with a branded survey, competition or game.

Easy and entertaining solution for lead capture

We offer lead capture solutions with tablet devices for fairs, events and stores. Both the survey and the tablet stand are designed and branded according to your wishes and visual guidelines. The survey can include a competition, lottery or other gamified content. The information collected with the tablet-solution is in a digital form ready for use in the real-time reporting service and is integratable straight to your CRM system.

Our lead capture solution includes:

– tabletin jatkuvalla mobiilidatayhteydellä
– tukevan, asiakkaan visuaalisen ilmeen mukaisesti brändätyn telineen joko kosketusnäytöllä tai näppäimistöllä,
– näyttävän, asiakaskohtaisesti räätälöidyn kyselyn, kilpailun tai pelin, sekä
– reaaliaikaisen tulosten raportoinnin.

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The benefits of digital lead capture

No manual tapping

The collected information is in a digital form ready for use in the real-time reporting service and is integratable straight to your CRM system.

Using surveys in sales

The survey can collect information about customer preferences or purchase willingness, which can be used in sales and marketing.

Automatic lottery or competition

The competition or lottery is handled automatically as part of the lead capture. Different gamified solutions are available.

Multipurposeness of the device

Between events, the device can be used in a store, showroom or even in office to measure well-being at work.

Independent solution for lead capture

Our lead capture solution frees up the sales people and lead capture is taken care of automatically.

Information applicability

 The most potential customers can be easily sorted to be contacted according to the collected information.

Strengthens your brand

The branded outlook and modern digital solution strengthens company brand.


The same survey can be used again in various events, making the solution cost-efficient.

For a single event or continuous use?

Our lead capture solution is available for a few day use for events or in continuous use under a yearly contract. If you go to several events a year, having the device in continuous use is an inexpensive choice. At other times the device can be used in stores, showrooms or in office to measure workplace well-being. The content of the tablet can be easily updated for different use.

Gamified content

Along with more traditional surveys and lotteries, Roidu offers 3 different game options to make lead capture fun and entertaining for the customer: Wheel of fortune, Slots and Cards. Games can be branded according to customer’s visual guidelines (fonts, logos, colours, images of winning sectors). There are also different possibilities for winning logic. Contact us to hear more.

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