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Good customer experience is created with accurate data

Roidu feedback solutions provide accurate and real-time customer experience data for business development. You can use it to improve customer experience, commit staff and increase sales. We’ll deliver everything you need as an easy turnkey service.

“Mere smiley faces didn’t provide good enough data. I had a clear vision of what efficient sales management requires. Roidu was the only one who could respond to our requests and needs cost-efficiently”


Topi Nieminen
Sales Director at Masku
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“After starting to measure patient experience with Roidu feedback devices, the division of Acute Psychiatry and Consultations quadrupled its feedback compared to the entire department’s previous feedback amount.”


Pekka Jylhä
Head of Division, Acute Psychiatry and Consultations, HUS

Make customer experience your greatest competitive advantage

Good customer experience grows your business

The significance of customer experience grows constantly as competition internationalizes, purchasing behaviour digitalizes and with social media bringing in its own quirks to consumer behaviour. Customers have learnt to demand good service and give feedback eagerly – both good and bad.

Customer experience cannot be dismissed as an insignificant moot point, because as studies have shown, customer experience has a great impact on customer loyalty, additional sales, customer recommendations, cost management and business growth. By ensuring good customer experience, you’ll sell more, to more people, you’ll allocate your resources correctly and fix problems quickly.

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Smiley faces aren't enough

To create a good customer experience, you need information – of the current situation and of the wishes and expectations of customers. You need accurate data to lead customer experience – smiley faces only tell you if you’re going in the right direction, not where you should be going. With real-time customer experience data you can develop your business and react to problems immediately, improve customer service and commit your staff to a customer-centric business culture, and allocate resources in a way that boosts ROI. In addition, you’ll get comparison data to be availed by the whole organization and long-term trends to follow the impact of changes made and evolution of customer satisfaction.

Customer experience is a matter of heart to us

High customer satisfaction is extremely important to us. This NPS® meter is real-time and updates automatically when our customers respond to our customer survey. Read more about NPS score from our blog.

"Roidu has very good development skills and our partnership has worked swiftly!"

Finavia has been our satisfied customer since 2016 and over 80 feedback devices measure customer experience at Finnish airports. Finavia really values customer satisfaction: Helsinki airport was awarded for the best customer experience in 2019! In the video the head of customer experience in Finavia tells about our seamless partnership.

Specialist blog

Read our blog about measuring and managing customer experience, the significance and benefits of good customer experience and responding to customer feedback.