High-quality experience data is accumulated with high-quality tools

Management based on customer feedback is already common in many organisations, but the more significant the customer experience gets, the more important it will be to ensure the quality of surveys and experience data. A feedback box in the corner is not enough to meet modern requirements, as data-based management requires versatile tools, carefully collected data and the effective utilisation of this data to benefit business operations.

A multi-channel solution collects feedback at each touchpoint

The comprehensive development of the customer experience requires the experience to be measured at multiple points of contact, i.e. touchpoints. This is why Roidu’s multi-channel service adapts to every need and the surveys and questions can be customised to suit each respective phase of the customer path.

In any context from online shops or other digital services to physical points of sale, customer service contact or product delivery, our service ensures that every step on the customer’s path gets the attention it deserves.

Customisable survey enables data enrichments and helps scale up successes

Increasingly enriched data is needed to support knowledge-based management. This means that it must be possible to tailor the surveys to meet the specific needs of each company. More effective results can be achieved by analysing finer details alongside general satisfaction.

Roidu’s service can determine general satisfaction through emojis, NPS recommendations or images. After this, we can ask the customers to specify which service their feedback concerns. In a furniture outlet, for example, we can ask which piece of furniture the customer came in to buy and which shop assistant served them. In a health centre, on the other hand, customers can be asked to specify whether they saw a dentist, had an X-ray taken or something else.

This kind of enriched data facilitates everyday management, for instance. By identifying the service points or employees that get good feedback consistently, it is possible to incorporate the relevant good practices into the operations of the entire organisation. Data gained from various questionnaires, such as customer satisfaction and staff surveys, can also be combined to examine correlations between them.

In order to enable knowledge-based management, we provide our customers with access to a reporting service, which produces customer-specific and diverse dashboard reports. Customers can use the reports to monitor causal relationships, access information quickly and use data to develop business operations and daily management.

System integrations combine company data and experience data

 In addition to creating diverse surveys, experience data can be enriched by integrating it into the organisation’s own metrics or systems. By using an interface to combine the data gained from a customer or staff survey with other data sources, you can analyse the connections between the customer experience, sales hit rate and customer volumes, for example.

We have also provided our customers with integrations that combine a CRM system and survey distribution. This enables you to select specific touchpoints where a survey is triggered automatically and sent to customers.

Branded surveys with uncompromising accessibility

An aspect that supports a harmonised customer experience is ensuring consistent visual brand image across all channels. Feedback surveys are no exception to this as they, too, must blend with the overall visual branding. To achieve this, we use a graphic designer for each survey to create an appealing look that suits the customer’s visual scheme.

It is also important to consider different customer profiles and ensure that responding is easy and appealing for everyone. Even though Roidu’s service lends itself to complex analysis, it can also be used for very easy-to-read surveys written in simplified text. Accessibility can be improved by using pictures or sufficiently large fonts and contrast levels, for example.

Support for survey design and knowledge-based management

Since our versatile service is capable of many things, we will always be there to help our customers use it more efficiently. We serve as a partner, provide assistance with finding the metrics to support strategic goals, and help create relevant surveys with sufficient sample sizes. In addition to this, we help our customers utilise the information and verify that the data collected can be converted into concrete measures that improve the satisfaction of customers and staff.