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        The story of Roidu

        From a single question to a pioneer of customer experience measuring

        The story of Roidu started with two men’s passion to help organizations take full advantage of their customer feedback. Since then Roidu has grown into an innovative expert of data collection, customer experience measuring and reporting. The solutions combining Finnish design and technology have taken Roidu to international markets as well.

        Roidu solved a problem

        Ten years ago customer satisfaction was mainly measured with paper forms or extensive surveys every one or two years. There was no easy and quick way to leave targeted customer feedback. The negative feedback given for example at a health clinic could have been the result of several things: a long waiting period, a full parking lot or a poor encounter with the doctor. But because feedback wasn’t targeted by services, improving things was nearly impossible.

        The founders of Roidu, Arttu Viitanen and Antti Niinikoski, paid attention to the methods companies were collecting customer feedback with. They mapped out companies experiences asking if the information provided by surveys is really useful. They quickly found out that surveys failed in various ways. The results of sparse, extensive surveys, are merely a snapshot of a certain time period, with an extra challenge of stealing the customer’s time. There was an obvious need for continuous, real-time feedback collection.

        First tablet computers were introduced in 2010. The device innovation enabled unseen communication solutions for companies to explore and Roidu was among the first to bring out tablet-based feedback surveys for public places. Tablets were installed to floor and table stands, so that feedback could be given right under the customer’s nose. Software and stands have evolved in time, along with new innovations and by listening to customer needs.

        Feedback devices provide exact information about satisfaction

        From the start it was clear for Arttu and Antti that their customers should always get an individually tailored service to ensure the greatest possible benefit. Therefore Roidu creates surveys to be visually enticing, easy to use and quick to respond, always reflecting the customer wishes and visual guidelines. Respondents’ interest is kept up with changing questions and gamified graphics. Also the handy size and lightness of tablets are appreciated.

        Although Roidu has since released various other solutions to complement the feedback devices, they are still the most important feedback channel to ensure high-quality feedback and extensive sampling. Roidu’s values, customer-centricity, expertise, continuous development and responsibility and caring, still provide a strong foundation for everything we do.

        Lauri Viitanen

        Customer Success Manager

        +358 50 342 3536