Patient experience measuring in hospitals, clinics and health care centres generate valuable data that helps to improve and develop patient care, customer service and personnel continuously. By using Patient Feedback Devices, the experience data is possible to collect during or right after the visit at the clinic to get more data and more accurate feedback than surveys carried out afterwards.

Health care surveys

Roidu Feedback device system enables creating unique and customer-tailored surveys for health care sector. The survey layout is designed based on customer's brand, and user experience and usability is optimised for touch screen usage. Currently, the most commonly used metric is NPS - a simple question which measures the customer satisfaction. NPS is followed by additional questions which enable understanding the reasons for good or poor scores. Collected data is precisely allocated to different units based on automatic location information.


Feedback Device as a Service includes everything you need for continuous patient experience measuring: Survey design and implementation, online reporting, devices, data connection and stands with customer layout. Hardware is delivered ready-to-use and your designated contact person and our production team ensure the successful deployment.


Collect more data and get more accurate information from your customers
Get fresh data constantly
Understand long term trends
Compare different units and periods
Use data to improve the patient experience
Engage and motivate personnel with the data
React immediately on problems or negative feedback

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