Teachers & tablets: Time-consuming operations?


Tablets are more and more present in schooling as different educational institutions acquire thousands of tablets for their students. Just last spring, the City of Vantaa in the south of Finland acquired over 16,000 tablets for its high schools, elementary schools and even kindergartens.

Students are usually pretty knowledgeable when it comes to tablets, so using them shouldn’t be an issue. The problem is when teachers want to manage tablets remotely to deliver instructional content. The IT staff usually conducts updating new applications and software on tablets. But what happens if the teacher wants to show videos, web-based e-learning software, pdf files, pictures or surveys on student tablets? If you use applications, you need to have several different apps for each purpose, and when you have 50 different apps on each tablet, things become problematic and complicated.

Using software that allows the distribution of almost any kind of content on tablets is the key here. This makes it easier for teachers to become more independent of both apps and the whole operating system. When you, as a teacher, are planning the next lesson at home, it should be as simple as possible to take a video link from YouTube, provide a pdf file for students to read, and maybe after that, conduct a student survey on the tablets.

Using your imagination and digital content, you can make your lesson very efficient and versatile. Why be dependent on the operating system or on applications, when you have a whole Internet full of material you can use to teach your students?

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