Case Tulikivi

Tulikivi, the fireplace manufacturer, was facing a challenge: How to collect sales leads effectively and continuously at stores, exhibitions and events and pass them for sales nurturing. They also wanted to find…

Ari Jussi Aura

Teachers & tablets: Time-consuming operations?

Tablets are more and more present in schooling as different educational institutions acquire thousands of tablets for their students. Just last spring, the City of Vantaa in the south of…

Jaakko PaalanenJaakko Paalanen

Tablets as interactive digital signage screens

As you may have seen, tablets are commonly used as stand-alone devices in stores. The content is usually static, which means  that the video, slideshow, or whatever is playing on …

Jaakko PaalanenJaakko Paalanen

Tablet Surveys: Case ABB

Management at ABB factories think it’s important to find out how customers feel about ABB when visiting their manufacturing sites, and collect measurable and targeted data about the visitors and…

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