Tablets as interactive digital signage screens


As you may have seen, tablets are commonly used as stand-alone devices in stores. The content is usually static, which means  that the video, slideshow, or whatever is playing on  the screen is always  the same until a member of staff comes to the tablet and changes it manually.  In many cases, a screen showing marketing is meant to display only that content and is restricted and hard to manage remotely.

Tablets with remote control can change this problem. If you want to conduct a survey or any other data collection, remote control is the solution. Just distribute your survey or market research content to your tablets, have the reporting system ready to collect data in real-time, and let your customers give you their insights. That’s it.

But what happens if you want to conduct POS  marketing or interactive marketing on the spot with those same devices? By combining surveys and marketing, you can create a two-way interaction, where your customer experience managers and marketing managers can work together using the same tablets for different purposes.

Interactive marketing on your tablets can be videos, product information or campaigns, in which your customers can even take selfies and do other fun things. If you just want to use your tablets for marketing, you can lock the touch screens remotely so that they no longer respond, and just present a slideshow, offers, promotions, or other similar content.

So, for those of you who are already using, or planning to use, tablets in your retail chain, bank, shop, boutique, or other locations, remember you can use your tablets as a method to both give and receive information. This ability to switch from receiving or sending data means that you get to know your customers better, present information or products they are interested in, and quickly gain returns on your modest investment.

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