Tablet Surveys: Case ABB


Management at ABB factories think it’s important to find out how customers feel about ABB when visiting their manufacturing sites, and collect measurable and targeted data about the visitors and their hosts.

Survey on tablet

ABB uses Roidu tablet survey in several manufacturing locations to collect visitor feedback at the end of each visit. The survey data gives ABB understanding about overall satisfaction together with specific details about the visit and the persons visited. ABB is very satisfied regarding the feedback they are able to collect from all their visitors in different manufacturing locations. The Roidu tablet solution is a quick and easy to use which results in high response rates. Direct customer feedback is motivating the staff and improving the visitor experience.  The collected data is also an objective and tangible way to display results and inform ABB management how important the visits are for their customers.

Key benefits of the solution:
– Convenient way to collect customer feedback
– Links the information between guests and hosts
– Helps to understand the reasons of satisfaction and dissatisfaction
– Measurable and continuous data for further actions

ABB is a global engineering corporation operating in 100 countries, with some 140,000 employees and revenues of over 40 billion euros. ABB has extensive operations in 21 cities and over 5,000 people working in Finland. The company is one of the largest industrial employers in the country.

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