Lead capture on tablets

We provide tablet based lead capture solutions for events, exhibitions and stores. Digital, customer branded lead solution is a modern way to collect data about your potential customers and their preferences. Our online reporting system allows you to access and use the collected data in real-time.

Roidu lead capture solution is always delivered as a turnkey service which is quick and easy to acquire.

Our turnkey solution includes everything you need: tablet devices with mobile data connection, customer branded stands, digital content based on your corporate/brand image and real-time reporting system. We ensure smooth and convenient user experience by designing touch screen optimized and easy-to-use content. When the units contain branded signs, they are always designed to match with screen content.

Our Tablet Lead Capture Solution is available as a rental service both for short term event usage or for longer, ongoing purposes. Solution can be used both on stand devices and hand-held devices.

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Modern solution

Digital, tablet based solution builds modern image. Content is always on brand and optimized for touch screen usage.

Easy reporting

No manual data input or processing is needed. All data is immediately ready for sales and marketing purposes in our online reporting system.

Additonal sales tool

Interesting content helps to build connection with potential customers. Well thought questions directs your sales staff and ensures they don’t miss the important questions.

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