Customer experience survey in retail banking, case Nordea


Banks across the world have been offering online banking for years already. And they keep introducing new, innovative smart phone applications and other digital services to their customers. Still, every now and then customer has a reason to visit a branch. According the EY Survey, the retail banking customers are looking for superior customer experiences that fulfill basic expectations while providing added value.

Nordea, the Nordic banking group, has been using the Roidu tablet solution for collecting customer experience data in 42 different bank branches throughout Finland. Customers are given a scale of 1-4 to rank their customer experience (1=bad, 4=excellent). When the user experience has been negative, the customer chooses a reason for their dissatisfaction from pre-selected options. The user also gets a chance to leave an immediate contact request for the branch manager to get in touch.

By using a tablet survey solution, Nordea gets more direct customer feedback from branches than by using other survey methods. The stand-alone system is a fast and user-friendly format to interact with customers. It also lowers the barrier for giving direct feedback. The immediate response loop back to the branch manager allows a fast response to client concerns and turns a negative incident into a positive overall experience. Getting customer experience from different geographical locations makes it possible to compare those places and get a better understanding of overall performance and customer satisfaction across all local branches and units.

Benefits in a nutshell

– High response rate
– Instant and real-time customer feedback
– Quick dealing of customer issues
– Negative experiences become positive instead
– Customers stay loyal

Nordea tablet feedback survey

Nordea is the largest financial services group operating in the Nordic and Baltic region and among the ten largest full-service banks in Europe, based on market capitalization. It has more than 1,400 branches, over 29,000 employees and revenues of almost 10 billion euros.


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