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    Touchless Feedback

    Feedback device you don't need to touch

    When hygiene matters

    Roidu Touchless Feedback is a feedback device with which customers can rate their experience without touching the device at all. Its sensors register the answer as the customer holds their hand in front of the chosen answer option. This enables measuring customer experience hygienically in any environment.


    • Survey can consist of multiple question pages, optimally 1-3
    • 2-5 answer options
    • Answer options can be numbers or icons, such as smiley faces
    • Device panel and content is branded according to customer’s visual guidelines
    • Versatile and easy-to-use online reporting service
    • Friendly customer service and support

    The benefits of Touchless feedback device

    Hygienic feedback

    Customer experience can be measured hygienically without touching the feedback device.

    Efficient action

    Data reveals how to develop business most efficiently.

    Immediate reacting

    Problems can be reacted to immediately with real-time feedback and automated alerts.

    Automated alerts

    Ensure customer satisfaction with automated alerts to negative feedback.


    Feedback devices and surveys are always tailored to customer needs reflecting customer’s brand.

    More accurate data

    Feedback collected at the moment of customer experience is 40% more accurate than if collected afterwards.

    Real-time data

    Results can be analysed in real time in the online reporting service using versatile filtering options.

    Ready reports

    You’ll receive a clear report customised to your personal needs directly to your email.


    Use real-time feedback to ensure customer satisfaction

    Finavia has used Touchless Feedback devices since 2017 in the bathrooms of Helsinki Airport to ensure customer satisfaction. Customers can give feedback on bathroom cleanliness without ever having to touch the device. Additionally, Touchless Feedback has a real-time feedback system that is programmed to automatically alert a cleaner after a certain amount of negative feedback.

    MyRoidu raportointipalvelu

    Reporting customer experience data

    MyRoidu is an advanced reporting service that makes the analysing and utilising of the collected CX data quick and easy.

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