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Tags : patient satisfaction

Why negative feedback is positive

22 Feb 2019

Why negative feedback is positive Very few of us can take in critique with a smile on their face. If we did that, we’d either be convinced that the person...

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City of Tampere

19 Feb 2019

"The findings provided by the feedback devices remind us why we come to work every day. The reports are used as key performance indicators for strategic planning and they provide...

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Whom are public services for?

18 Feb 2019

Whom are public services for? At times we should all pause at work and ask ourselves for whom are we doing this. Although our customer might concretely be close to...

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10 Feb 2019

Decadeslong customer relationships are created by making the customer feel welcome and at home and responding to customers’ wishes and expectations in the best possible way. Why not fall in...

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Not as bad as commonly assumed

5 Dec 2018

Not as bad as commonly assumed The conversation had in the media would have you believe that all public health care customers are very unsatisfied with the service quality. It...

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