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Software developer

Open positions:


Sales manager (in FIN)

Software developer

We are looking for a software developer to work with us. The job entails interesting and versatile tasks, such as development work using web technology (javascript, html, css) and customer project execution regarding customer experience measuring and marketing using our survey tool.

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We expect you to have:

  • Good HTML5 and CSS3 skills
  • JavaScript competence
  • Experience of Git version control system

We also require previous experience in software development and

  • independent problem solving ability
  • team working skills
  • positive attitude
  • fluent Finnish

Our office is situated in the center of Tampere. We aim for an open and warm work environment where everyone has a chance to evolve and influence their work. We offer a competitive salary, lunch benefit, remote work possibility, flexible working hours and a chance to work in an advanced technological environment (DevOps, Kubernetes, Vue.js).

Apply with your LinkedIn profile or by sending us an application with your CV via email to . Position is open until a suitable person is found.