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Roidu Team

Roidu ltd offers technical solutions for measuring and analysing customer experience and developing organisations in both private and public sectors. Roidu is a rapidly growing software company that has a strong stand in customer experience measuring in Finland.

At Roidu we aim for an open and warm work environment where everyone has a chance to evolve and influence their work. We help each other, enjoy each other’s company and truly care for each other. It’s fun to come to work.

Get to know our team members:

Veera Peltonen

Roidu’s customer service got new blood at the end of the summer when Veera jumped in. Our growth required a second project coordinator to manage customer projects and we were lucky to find cheerful Veera. She has the right amount of customer service skills and technical understanding, both of which the job requires.

So, how does the most recent member of our team feel after the first month?

Roidu has a very warm work community and I’ve been taken in with open arms and everyone has been very helpful. My standards are very high after previous experiences: I want a well-functioning team with a warm, familiar feeling and at Roidu they’ve managed that well.

Veera Peltonen yhteystiedot

The second phase of your job interview was a bit different. Your future colleagues organised you an interview where you were put to test and you had to solve the most common challenges of a project coordinator with the help of our team members. Apparently we didn’t scare you off?

It was really exciting but I’m a very talkative and open person, so when in front of something new and weird I accepted it with joy. Headlong, we’ll see how it goes. At the same time I got to know the people I’ll be working with, so it was important to notice that there’s chemistry and I’ll adapt well into the work community. I was left in high spirits.

As were we. <3

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