Did you realise that your customers want to give you feedback?

We’re a company specialized in customer experience measuring and we’ve noticed that people really want to give feedback on the service they received. We can obviously see that in our everyday work as our real-time reporting service collects tens of thousands of feedback weekly. But the willingness to give feedback isn’t limited only to our feedback devices (and our other feedback solutions). There are a lot of people that want to give feedback to a company and have googled ‘customer feedback’ together with the company name and end up on our website by accident.

Finns have been notoriously terrible in giving feedback. Finns have also been known to be terrible in customer service. These two attributes have complemented each other well for decades, but the times really have changed. People have learned not only to give feedback but also to demand good customer service. Elsewhere in the world customer experience has been receiving a lot of attention since the early 2000. Unsurprisingly, customer-centricity has arrived to Finland a lot later.

Feedback should guide business development

Nowadays it’s become a necessity to pay attention to customer experience in every field of business in order to keep your business going. Especially when you want to succeed and grow. The changes in consumer behaviour are permanent and I’ve already listed 3 reasons why customer experience isn’t a passing trendCustomer-centric mindset is better to adopt sooner than later and that means giving voice to your customers. Meaning that customers – both current and potential – are asked what they are satisfied with and what they want to be changed. In short, how you can serve them ever better.

Your customers are also interested in what happens to the feedback. There’s no point in collecting feedback just for its own sake. You have to build a process around customer experience measuring, set goals and have people take charge. This ensures that the feedback is really brought forwards and that it’s used in business development and decision-making. Only by systematically managing customer experience, you can gain all the profits of measuring it, because then the customer really is in the center.

Good customer experience is a competitive advantage

Good customer experience is also a competitive advantage. Increasingly more often consumers are looking for information and reviews online before making a purchasing decision. Therefore the significance of the opinions of former and current customers is evergrowing. Companies are communicating their customers’ high satisfaction rates because it really does have an impact on customer retention and attracting new customers. So is it finally time for you to start listening to your customers (that really do want to share their experiences with you) and let us help you with that? Read more about measuring customer experience.