What is a good work satisfaction survey like?

Motivated and engaged employees are the best business cards of any organisation. It’s already known that employee experience has a direct impact on customer experience. For this and other good reasons it’s important to find exactly the right ways to motivate and engage staff. Engaging requires the companies to listen to their employees but mere listening isn’t enough. You have to commit to the well-being of your staff in the long run by creating meaningful and sustainable organisational culture. A good work satisfaction survey helps employers find the essential motivational factors, reveal the flaws in work, work community and culture and uncover the factors that have the greatest impact on employee well-being.

Pulse survey vs yearly employee survey

Employee surveys conducted once a year are stiff and problematic in many ways. As an employer you’ll need more accurate and real-time data that the yearly survey doesn’t provide. A work well-being survey done monthly or quarterly is agile and provides more exact data with which problems can be solved quickly. Pulse measuring is also a tool to develop management with more precision and see the effects of the changes made in real time. A survey conducted more often can be significantly shorter which increases response rate and the questions can be changed according to their relevance. Read more about our agile work well-being surveys.

Measure engagement

Work satisfaction increases employees’ engagement to their work and commitment to their employer. A good work satisfaction survey measures employee’s engagement to their job and those factors that generally have a great impact on congeniality and satisfaction. Are the employees proud and enthusiastic about the work? Would they recommend their workplace to others? Are they planning on staying in their job? What is their overall satisfaction rate?

Find out what impacts engagement

Factors that have an impact on work satisfaction and motivation can change a lot individually. It’s important to find out what are the most significant factors in both general and individual level and how you, as an employer, succeed in offering them. What are you already doing well and which areas have room for improvement? A good work satisfaction survey helps reveal how to engage and motivate your employees better.

Open-ended questions reveal information you didn’t know to ask

Open-ended questions have their place in surveys even though not everybody answers them. They can reveal useful information that would otherwise go unnoticed. Open-ended questions can be asked after the other questions to provide more insight or as an independent question at the end. Answering open-ended questions usually requires employees to trust that their opinion has an impact on the workplace well-being. By creating an open, supportive atmosphere where everyone can voice their opinions and know that they are dealt with accordingly, you’ll encourage your employees to take more responsibility for the congeniality of the work community and development of the work culture.

The better you help your employees balance their work with the rest of their life, the more efficiently you engage them. When you express your appreciation to them and the work they do, they commit to their job with more motivation and act as your most enthusiastic advocates. The more engaged your employees are, the more productive they are, the less likely they are to leave and the less they need sick leaves. And the better they treat your customers.