What’s a good customer experience survey like?

Roidun palautelaitteen kiitosviesti

Measuring customer experience is very important to any organization, not only because customer experience is a prerequisite for growth, but also because it has dozens of other great benefits. Cx measuring is a continuous process that’s never finished. Customer needs and wishes change along the way and customer experience isn’t a passing trend, on the contrary. A good customer experience survey changes with the times and measures exactly the things that business strategy emphasises. Its most important quality is to produce reliable, real-time customer experience data, which is ensured by requesting feedback from the right people at the right time.

Cx measuring in different phases of customer journey

When creating a cx survey, first you have to outline for whom the survey is for and the context it’s presented. This means you need to list all the customer touchpoints and choose either all or the most significant ones affecting customer experience. Phased customer experience measuring is the smartest way to measure cx because it produces the most accurate and reliable information for business development. Also, it causes the least strain on customers and ensures that the right person gives feedback in the right context.

Customer experience is measured differently based on the touchpoint in question. When the contact is physical, feedback devices are the most rational and cost-efficient choice. In electronic contact, a survey sent via email or text message or opened inside an application or website is the most suitable way to request feedback. A good customer experience feedback survey is built according to respondents and publishing channels. For example, you should ask only a few questions with a feedback device but an email survey can contain a lot more. If you ask often, you need only a few questions, if rarely, you need to ask more. (Keep in mind that people don’t really appreciate long surveys.)

Good customer experience survey measures the success of organizational strategy

To utilize cx data as extensively and efficiently as possible, its targets should be aligned with with the strategic, operative and managerial targets of the organization. Thereby, the gathered data is directly usable in those areas and has the greatest impact in customer experience. This means that a good customer experience survey measures the success of the organization’s strategic and operative targets from a customer’s point of view. It’s important that the customer genuinely is at the heart of the business as it eases the adaptation to changing customer needs and wishes and functions as a significant competitive edge.

Diligent ground work ensures a good customer experience survey. When the respondents and targets of the measuring are known, drafting the survey is simple. The most important questions are already known and there is a clear use for the results. The next step is to make sure that there is a process for the utilisation of the results and the people responsible have been named to take the feedback further.