Customer at heart: the course of customer project at Roidu

In honor of Customer Service Week we decided to shed light into how customer projects are managed at Roidu. However, we celebrate customer service week every week as the customer obviously is at the heart of all activity in a company specialized in measuring customer experience. We do customer service in two phases: in the project phase when a new or existing customer wants a customer or employee experience survey and possibly one or more feedback devices, and after the project phase when the customer needs help with the survey, login information or feedback devices. In this article I am going to explain what happens when a new customer buys our service and our project coordinator Emilia gets the task on her table.

Emilia is one of our two project coordinators and has worked with us for over three years. I call her the heart of Roidu because that’s what she really is. She is a profoundly positive and sunny person and our customers like her almost as much as us coworkers do. Emilia has all the knowledge of what we’ve done, what we’re doing and what we’re going to do next. In addition to knowing our old and new reporting services like the back of her hand, she also knows all of our customers – and often their organizations very thoroughly – and remembers what we’ve done for them. When our sales person seals the deal, Emilia contacts the new customer right away and kickstarts the project.

Customer project process

All of our customer projects start with mapping out the customer needs: founding out what is the need for measuring customer experience and what kind of solutions they are met with. Already at this point new needs often arise that haven’t even been thought of earlier. When measuring customer experience the most important thing is that the collected CX data is directly usable in business and organizational development. Therefore the planning phase is the most important part of the whole process, so that the customer satisfaction survey can be built as accurately as possible around its goals. “Also, the results must serve as many users as possible, which means that the survey must be planned with usability and accessibility in mind”, Emilia summarises. These kinds of details the customers haven’t usually thought of beforehand, so Emilia’s expertise and experience are an invaluable addition to the project.

After the customer need analysis, Emilia outlines the survey structure in detail for the coder. The customer supplies their graphic guides and other material for the survey which are used in tailoring the survey to customer’s brand. Our surveys are never bulk material, instead each of them is tailored to customer wishes. Visual eye is required of our coders because the surveys are designed appealing and user-friendly. If the customer orders a feedback device, our graphic designer creates an attractive sign according to customer’s brand. Both the survey and the sign are obviously okayed by the customer. Emilia usually sends a draft of the survey for the customer to comment on because its editing is much easier then than when ready.

Length of customer project

The survey production phase takes the most time in the process.The coding itself always takes time and it can be delayed if the customer doesn’t provide the materials in time. Also, it takes a week for the sign to arrive after its approval. Our customer promise is to deliver the service in its entirety in four weeks provided that the customer does their part in time. On the other hand, we’ve delivered feedback devices within a week when there’s a rush to get a device to an event, for example. That stretches the project coordinator and the coder but how satisfied the customer has been afterwards!

When the survey is ready, our device specialist assembles the feedback devices if included and publishes the content on them. The feedback devices have been locked to display the survey only and they can be managed remotely so that the content can be edited or changed when needed. Finally the device specialist delivers the devices to the right locations. Device specialists take care of our customer support as well and answer the customers’ questions about the use and operation of the feedback devices and manage login information.

Juuso, Vili and Ville are extremely nice and easily approachable customer servants and always leave a smile on customer’s face. They are praised weekly to Emilia by our customers who think “they are such sweet boys!” When the CX survey has been delivered to the customer, they also get login information for MyRoidu reporting service and guidance for its use. Now they’re all set to collect and analyse feedback.

Five star customer experience

Overly social Emilia loves working with customers and it shows in our feedback in which she is praised for her personal and unique touch without exception. “It’s truly the best thing to get to know those people in customer projects. It’s the most fun. I also get to peak inside their job almost every day”, Emilia describes the best parts of her work. Her primary goal is to offer the best possible customer experience and this truly is a matter of heart to her. As a mother of two boys she is grateful for her job’s flexibility so that she can chauffeur her sons to practice in time and continue working at ice rink or basket ball court. It’s not a single incident when our project coordinator has answered customers’ messages or calls very early in the morning, very late at night or at weekends. Although we do not encourage our customers to contact us outside service hours, Emilia won’t leave our customers in the lurch if she can simply solve their problem. Be it in her pyjamas before her morning coffee.