Case Tulikivi


Tulikivi, the fireplace manufacturer, was facing a challenge: How to collect sales leads effectively and continuously at stores, exhibitions and events and pass them for sales nurturing. They also wanted to find out customer preferences regarding fireplaces and use it for sales and design of new models.

Tulikivi has utilised Roidu’s tablet based Lead Capture Solution for prospecting and lead generation. Fireplaces are typically acquired when people are planning the purchase of a new home or making renovation for the current one. Potential customers often attend different housing and interior design exhibitions where tablets are used on Tulikivi stands to collect information – also when the sales staff are busy.  To maximise the visitor attention, tablet stands follow Tulikivi brand identity and offer the opportunity to enter a competition. The competition entry is used to collect contact details and information about purchase timing and preferred products. As everything is online, the information collected can be used for further marketing efforts during the event, or after.

Tulikivi Lead Capture Tablet

Tulikivi is Finland’s largest stone processor and the world’s largest manufacturer of heat-retaining fireplaces. They sell and market their products in their own showrooms, through reseller network and in various interior design and housing exhibitions.

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