Case Hammaspiste: Why not fall in love with your dentist?


At the end of the table is sitting a very peculiar and lively dentist, Yrjö Niemi. He is trying – using highly colourful language – to convince his marketing manager that she hasn’t met the right dentist yet, because she isn’t committed to a certain one dentist regardless of their price and location. “Fall in love with your dentist”, calls out Niemi before listing reasons why customers return to their clinic decade after decade.

Niemi genuinely knows something about customer satisfaction. His workplace has probably the most satisfied dental patients, compared to the results of several hundred other clinics. At the lobby of HammasPiste, Roidu feedback device measures customer experience and day after day customer satisfaction is extremely high. “Customers know that they’ll get extra-quality from us”, Niemi comments the top results. Their NPS score that measures customer satisfaction is incredible 100. Their open feedback is, without exceptions, praise and thankyous of the staff’s expertise and also of their joyful and considerate attitude and atmosphere.

Hammaspiste NPS, asiakastyytyväisyysNPS at Hammapiste, 9.4.2019

Energy and open-mindedness is reflected from both the staff and the customers

HammasPiste is a part of Pihlajalinna and the values of Pihlajalinna – ethicalness, energy and open-mindedness – are tangible in the work atmosphere. The customers of HammasPiste are encountered genuinely and energy and open-mindedness is reflected from both the staff and the customers.

Dentist Niina Palukka thinks that they have gathered a certain kind of customer base that appreciates their very personal and cheerful atmosphere. “Every now and then another dentists’ patients come for an appointment and they are usually very different from those that have become my customers”, Palukka tells. The atmosphere wasn’t born by accident. Instead it is a matter of heart at HammasPiste: customers are listened to with high sensitivity and the staff is very flexible towards their wishes.

There’s always room for improvement

You might think that extremely high customer satisfaction is solely a good thing. But surely, professionals committed to customer satisfaction want to improve and develop. “You’d think that there’s always room for improvement, just so we don’t get too self-satisfied”, Palukka laughs.

However, it seems that their customers are genuinely very satisfied. Apart from the random complaints heard at the reception about the dentists being late, HammasPiste doesn’t receive critique any other way either.

Long-term customer relationships are formed when you find the one that most reflects your own personality

Maybe customer satisfaction really is personified so strongly that long-term customer relationships are formed only when you find the one that most reflects your own personality. Decadeslong customer relationships are created by making the customer feel welcome and at home and responding to customers’ wishes and expectations in the best possible way.

You’ll find out what the customers want and expect by making giving feedback as easy as possible. Although not everyone has as thoroughly satisfied customers, feedback from the feedback devices is crucial in creating the most perfect customer experience. And maybe then you’ll commit to your dentist – if not actually fall in love with them.

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