Can tablets replace your sales people in capturing leads?


You have probably seen tablets at events, exhibitions or local stores used in different ways. In many cases, they are used to collect leads, especially in B2C sector. On many occasions, sales people tend to circle around the tablets, stopping people and trying to get them answer survey questions or participate in a  competition. The problem is that response rates are often remarkably low on tablets if salespeople are “stealing” the leads, and because of that, there is a double number of sales staff at work: the salesman and the tablet stand.

Tablets are very beneficial for salespeople when they are used as hand held devices. Replacing the pen and paper method is extremely cost-effective: It removes the manual inputting of handwritten answers, minimizes typing errors and saves a lot of time.

Tablets placed in appealing stands with good, interesting and visible content attracts people in stores, exhibitions and other events. The best way to make them work and get some ROI is to use  them  as “cold  stations” with these simple steps:

1. Make sure your tablets are always on and showing the right content. That can be ensured by using a remote management system. With the help of remote monitoring you don’t need to worry what’s happening on the spot as you can easily check the device status at any place that has internet connection. If you want to update the content on your tablets, there’s no need to visit every location. Just publish the new content remotely for one tablet or for multiple tablets simultaneously.

2. Really understand the word “cold station”. Use the salespeople where they are most valuable, and use tablet stands in other locations where your sales staff can’t go or it would be too expensive to keep standing. It is very cost-effective to collect leads on tablets, as you don’t have to pay the tablet a salary.

3. If the tablet is in a public location such as a supermarket, make sure that the cashier staff (or other staff) dealing with customers, points out the cold station and encourages the customers to enter the questionnaire or competition on the tablet.

A tablet won’t necessarily replace a person, but it gives you opportunities to collect leads in places where it’s difficult or too expensive to use alternatives.

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