Award winning Helsinki Airport rely on continuous customer experience data


Finavia, the Finnish airport operator, is constantly developing the services and infrastructure of Helsinki Airport which is ranked as one of the best airports in the world.

Finavia’s Customer Experience Team is using Roidu Tablet Surveys at Helsinki airport to collect customer experience data from airport visitors. Data collectors are placed in connection with different airport functions like check-in kiosks, security controls and departure gates. These key functions of the airport are monitored continuously.  Additionally, the agility of Roidu solution allow customer experience managers to decide about new surveys and relocation of Roidu Tablets flexibly when quick feedback is needed from certain spot or to verify new concepts.

Huge amount of data collected on tablets gives Finavia vast understanding about overall satisfaction together with specific details about the visit. It also enables to collect valuable suggestions and ideas straight from the airport customers.

“We have been amazed how flexible the tablet solution is. With reliable online reporting we can track the feedback and react promptly. Monitoring and alerts from tablets help us to keep the system fully working all the time. We want to thank Roidu for bringing innovative ideas, and excellent customer service and support. Roidu’s know-how helps us to collect plenty of valuable experience data for future development of Helsinki Airport.” says Sini Kaikkonen, Customer Experience Champion at Finavia.

Tablet Survey at Helsinki airport

Finavia is responsible for maintaining and developing its 25 airports and Finland’s air navigation system. In 2013, passenger volumes at Finavia’s airports reached 19 million passengers. Helsinki airport is Finavia’s main airport, and popular transit airport.


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