Use Roidu for digital in-store advertising on tablets and touch screens

Roidu is a platform that enables the execution of digital marketing activities on tablets, touch screens and larger displays  located in stores and service points. It allows retailers to publish and manage promotional offers, enriched product information, brand advertising, contests, videos or any other messaging which could appeal your customers.
A network of tablets form a powerful and cost-efficient in-house media which delivers the right message, stimulates your customers and generates additional sales.

Remote management saves time and money

Use Roidu for a single location or on thousands of devices in your different locations anywhere in the world. Marketing messages can be published remotely over the internet without visiting the locations which allows huge time and cost savings. With Roidu you can preschedule your forthcoming activities and create groups of devices for different messages.  Monitoring feature allows you to check the status of each device.


Manage your marketing messages in stores easily

Publish and manage your in-store marketing messages remotely. No need to print and distribute wobblers, shelf-talkers, flyers and other printed materials.

Generate more revenue with tablets

Boost your sales with promotions and advertising. Sell your in-house media space to manufacturers and brands.

Enrich product information and make it interactive

Enriched product information helps your customers to make the right decision and interactive signage engages the customers.

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